Charo Lanao

Charo Lanao

Change Agent

Facilitator -Trainer-Coach

Yo SoY -  I am - Nocca Kani

I am Charo Lanao and I want to share with you who I am and what matters to me.

I am a change agent with a vision of a world where people love who they are and realise that we need to be the change we want to see in the world.

I have a vision of a world where people have the skills and competence to value and respect each other, a world which is full of empathy and solidarity.

I have a vision of a world in which we recognize our interdependence with each other and between people and nature.  I have a vision where individually and collectively, we could all take care of our ‘Pachamama’ our Mother Earth.


"What I do, is to enable my clients to

think with their hearts and feel with their minds"

I support individuals and organizations to imagine possibilities, hold intentions and commitments and adapt, with creativity and flexibility to uncertainty, to what lies ahead.

I encourage people and organisations to develop their self-awareness, understand what is their purpose, feel the importance of their work and believe in their own potential.

I create learning and sharing spaces. Spaces  in which people can be  themselves and with ease, play their unique role, where they can understand the change they want to see and how they can contribute. Spaces in which people can find their passion.

I have extensive experience in facilitation, training, consulting as a speaker and coach in over 15 countries around the world. Learn more about clients and countries

I have learned from many people and completed a Master's degree in Tropical Conservation and Development to understand our relationship with Mother Earth and how to take care of her.

I am a  certified Neurolinguistic trainer, a Timeline and Hypnosis Master Practitioner  and a Provocative Coach, to understand the relationship with ourselves.

I am an Atinchik, ICA and Art of Hosting facilitator to understand how we create together.

And I am a Pampa misayoc. (Andean Priest from the Inca tradition) to understand the energies that connect us with the universe.

I use theoretical models and research and deliver training, facilitation or coaching in such a way that participants are fully engaged with their own experiences and emotions. I balance experiential learning with reflective practice, and most importantly, I tailor my input to the specific needs of my clients and listen to what is happening in real time.

At the end of their time with me, my clients are able and confident to immediately apply what they have learned to their day-to-day professional and personal lives.

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