Interdependence: Call and Response

interdependenceYesterday solidarity and interdependence were tangible in Northern Ireland. A group of active citizens got together and in four hours managed to raise around £2,500 to support Oaxaqueños living in the southern part of Mexico, they have suffered two earthquakes in less than a month. Mexico is going through a very hard time.

I deeply admire people that decide to do something and have the courage to call others for support. Two strong and beautiful Mexican women organised the Mexico Appeal event in Northern Ireland.

I also deeply admire the people that responded to the call and were ready to help in any way or form.  It was beautiful to see people helping in so many different ways, people came to support with their presence and with donations.  There was food, art, balloons and colouring for the little ones and lots of generous artists (dancers, singers, etc) that brought their art and good heart. Many people donated presents for the raffle, many people bought tickets without asking about the prizes, as it wasn't important.

For me, It was a joy to see people that I hadn't seen in a long time, to see their children. It was a joy to see the response from so many people that I have met in different contexts and how they were there responding to the call. It was a joy to play a bit of samba with my drumming sisters from Chidambaran who also came to drum to the universe. It was loud and beautiful and people were dancing. I felt that the drums were like the heart beat of everyone in the room.

But most of all, it was a joy to feel so much  empathy and solidarity, to feel a strong sense of interdependence. A feeling that people really do care about what is happening to other human beings somewhere else in the world.   A bow to everyone that gave a hand for this very successful gathering. Gracias



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