MUNAYNI: Stories of a Global Citizen

I am scared of writing. Now I have said it, it will be easier to continue. The funny thing is that I am not quite sure what am I scared about. Am I scared because you – dear reader- will judge what I write? Or I am scared that no one will read what I write? I have decided that my wish to share what I know and what I see is bigger than my fear of being judged or rejected.

As I am writing these lines, the fear is “reventando” like a bubble. So here it goes the first lines of MunaAyni:

MunAyni is the combination of two Quechua words. I have chosen them as it’s the language of my ancestors from the Peruvian mountains, and because the sound and meaning of it is like magic to my soul. I want to share the magic with you.

Munay = Love & Ayni = Reciprocation or Reciprocity.

During my work as an Intercultural Facilitator and Empowerment Coach in over 12 countries, many people have asked me what the meaning of reciprocation or reciprocity is? Both words mean “an act of return,” or “to come and go,” but the difference is that reciprocation is more intimate; it is a personal exchange whereas reciprocity is a bit more formal.

However very few people have asked me what the meaning of Love is. After all – Scott F Fitzgerald wrote “there are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice.” In this case, Munay means a state of being, acceptance of who we are as well as my acceptance of you, the way that you are, and our care for Mother Earth.

Munay can heal and create. Munay is a feeling of belonging and interdependence. Munay is Universal Love.

So: Munay (Universal Love) helps bring us into Ayni (Reciprocation/Reciprocity) in the way we relate to ourselves, to each other, to Mother Earth.

This blog, MunAyni, will share stories, ideas, and tools I have collected across the world with blossoming World Changers and Action Takers, and in my own journey with this big blue planet. Check out Active Citizens from the British Council programme 

Let’s be the change we want to see in this world – together.

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