Gráinne O’Neill

“The facilitation was top class. In advance, Charo got as much information as possible, and was keen to ensure the session was as relevant as possible. It was very easy to work with her on crafting the programme for the day, and in the end it meant that the day was relevant to the group and achieved the outcomes that we wanted. Charo listened very closely to the needs of the group, and was very good at keeping focus and the purpose of the session clearly in mind. The outcome from the day was extremely successful; she brought us to places we hadn’t imagined we could get to, achieving our plans and dreams in what seemed an effortless way.”

What did you think of the way that Charo ran it?

“I would say it was almost like magic, like she had a little tub of fairy dust, sparkling us on to action! Charo was very cogniscent of the needs and makeup of the group, and therefore crafted the session neatly to these needs. The result was that the group informed the structure she had laid out and we were able to leave the room having achieved something.”