Thank you for visiting my web page. I am Charo Lanao, a change agent with extensive knowledge and practice in designing experiential learning journeys, group facilitation, virtual facilitation, leadership training,  and individual and group coaching.  

Do you want to be a leader that leads change with authenticity and courage?

Get in touch. I can support you in your journey as the focus of my work is to support leaders. I care about improving the way people communicate and collaborate with each other. I believe that we can all enhance the way we make offers, decisions and follow our commitments.

 "Be the Change you want to see in the world"                     Ghandi
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Do you want a meeting that has a clear purpose and where people meet in a meaningful way?

Let's talk. My expertise is to design and facilitate spaces where people feel at ease to show up and step in with hope, questions and willingness to explore possibilities. The gatherings have a clear intention and attention to create an arena for reflection, dialogue and action. I pay special attention to ensure that the facilitation is effective and affective. We can work together face to face or by using virtual spaces.

"Meaningful conversations that create possibilities by connecting ideas and hearts"


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Do you want a meeting that is creative and where participants bring their best and feel at ease?

We can work together to organise a gathering where people bring their best to collaborate, cooperate and co-create. I facilitate with a clear intention and attention to purpose and  people connect in a meaningful way. Using creative tools, participants explore their own perspectives, understand where they are coming from and become willing to listen to the points of view of others. 

"Gatherings where participants think with their hearts and feel with their minds"
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Supporting people to connect with each other and explore creative, innovative and sustainable decisions and  making them happen.                   

Your turn...

Want to share – collaborate – co-create?